Basic Pyrotechnics 

Decoy Flares, Obscurants & NIR-Flares

September 3-6 2024

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Date: September 3-6,  2024

Location: Kaiserslautern, Germany, Hotel-Restaurant Burgschänke


This seminar is intended for those involved with the procurement, development, production and research of military pyrotechnics at governmental agencies, research institutes, and testing facilities.

The seminar starts with the Basic Chemistry & Physics of Pyrotechnic Compositions and their Design Principles. After an overview of on various different Pyrotechnic Composition types (Blackpowder, Heat Generation, Delays, Igniters, Gas Generators, Strobes, Crackling, Whistling and Illuminating) the Seminar focuses on the design principles and mode of action of NIR-illuminating-Flares, all sorts of Infrared Countermeasure Flares and Multispectral Screening Smokes. A considerable part of the seminar is devoted to Red Phosphorus, its stability, sensitiveness, industrial processing in pyrotechnics and its mode of action in both Obscurants and Decoy Flares. The respective lab and test tunnel equipment is discussed.  Selected stores and their performance are reviewed and explained. Hazards and Accidents in the Production and Logistics of Decoy Flares and Obscurants are highlighted. The seminar concludes with a session on New Developmental Trends in Pyrotechnics and Environmental & Occupational Health Effects of Pyrotechnics.


  • Dr. Ernst-Christian Koch, FRSC,  Lutradyn
  • Sebastian Knapp, Physicist, Fraunhofer ICT

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1500,- EUR + 19 % VAT.



-printed Handout

-Coffee, Tea  & softdrinks in the seminar facility