Book Chapters .

E.-C. Koch,

Breakdown of Sulfur 'Mustard' by Phase Transfer Catalyzed HCl-Elimination: A Potential Destruction Method for 'Mustards' Stocks

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E.-C. Koch,

Metal-Halocarbon Pyrolant Combustion,

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E.-C. Koch,  Insensitive High Explosives VI: 2,4,8,10-Tetranitrobenzopyrido-5,6,7,12-tetraazapentalene, BPTAP, in D. G. Piercey, M. Gozin, L. Fershtat, Nitrogen and Iodine Rich Energetic Materials, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim,  in production

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MSIAC Reports (Access Limited to MSIAC Nations)

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